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HCPR #1: 306//613 by Dalton Derkson

A collection of poems and flash fiction in per-zine style. First reprint now available (limited to 20).

The collection focuses on the contrasts between big city and small town living. As far as we can tell, the author is more so in favour of the latter.

3rd edition available (limited to 25)
Price: $1 or a beer or a trade

HCPR #2: Winter Sway // Ottawa Dreary by Mason Krawczyk and Dalton Derkson (sold out)

A collection of poetry from 2 Saskatchewan poets. The words pensive, dreamy, speculative and unfulfilled come to mind...

Hurtin' Crüe's original split chapbook. Currently limited to 50 copies.
Price: Pay what you want.

HCPR #3: wapimisow by Dalton Derkson (sold out)

The spiritual successor of 306//613. A prose poem evoking the style of writers such as Harry Robinson to deal with cultural identity and the arduous struggle to rip yourself from your roots.

Limited to 50 copies. (Repress coming soon)
Price: Pay what you want. If anything.

HCPR #4: Stampede Season: The Ed Whalen Story by Dalton Derkson

Ed Whalen was the voice of Stampede Wrestling—a pro wrestling promotion based out of Calgary many years ago. Ed never wrote memoirs and we figured he deserved one. This is a historical, fictional take on his years with Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling. 20 pages worth of new Canadiana.

Limited to 50 copies.
Price: $1 or an elbow drop from the top rope

HCPR #5 (S//C 1): NATURE BOY ... CITY PLANNER by Dalton Derkson + Adam Lannan

Two original Crüe members team up for the first of an ongoing HCPR initiative. Both coming from small towns, their unique twists on poetry and city/country life are both complimentary and contrastive of one another. Includes a cardstock cover; A Hurtin' Crüe FIRST!

(no reprints available, sorry gang)

HCPR #6: V O I D by Michelle Duquette

Another original contributor, Michelle's latest chapbook is brought to you by long-distance relationships, space and the ocean floor. 
Price: PWYC or whatever Michelle wants!

HCPR #7: e(x) cerpts by Dalton Derkson

A handful of tiny poems presented in the form of a perzine. Witness the beauty (?) and awe of a crumbling relationship. Ottawa Zine-Off Exclusive so no reprints for this puppy either. Move quick!

Only available thru trades! Where the zinesters at?

GUTTER REVIEW 1.1 + 1.2 
The inaugural issue of what is bound to be one of the most infamous quarterlies ever put out by anyone who lives in my apartment building. GET IN ON IT.
(GR is currently out on sick leave. We'll let you know when he's feeling better.)

Price: Free or by donation

(email for any questions on order info.)